Solar Cleaning Hawaii


Solar Cleaning Hawaii is Hawaii’s premiere solar cleaning service provider. We are locally owned and operated. We are currently based in Honolulu with cleaning operations extending to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Solar Cleaning Hawaii is a proud supporter of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Act. As you may know our state is 90% dependent on oil for our energy. The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is helping relieve our dependence on oil by setting goals and a roadmap to achieve 70% clean energy by 2030 with 30% resulting from efficiency measures and 40% from locally generated renewable energy sources.

Solar Cleaning Hawaii understands the importance of your investment in renewable energy.

Solar Cleaning Hawaii is here to help maintain your photovoltaic system’s efficiency. Natural elements such as dust, salt air, bird droppings and water spotting are all factors of soiling. Soiling of photovoltaic modules can decrease energy production up to 50%. Decreases in efficiencies of your photovoltaic system mean a decrease in energy production and a decrease in your ROI (Return on Investment).

Our SCH Technicians are professional and knowledgeable of the importance of cleaning your systems. Most of all you can count on receiving local service with a smile...service with ALOHA!

Please allow us, Solar Cleaning Hawaii, to clean and help maintain your investment as we are Hawaii’s premiere solar cleaning service provider.

“If module surface becomes dirty, it may reduce output power” Source - Sanyo

“Modules that are mounted flat should be cleaned more often…” Source - Kyocera

“If dirt build-up becomes excessive, clean the glass surface…” Source - Sharp

“Clean glass surface of module when glass surface is dirty.” Source - Mitsubishi

“Periodically clean the module surface with water…” Source - Sunpower

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