Solar Cleaning Hawaii


Solar Cleaning Hawaii is honored to provide you with Hawaii’s premiere solar cleaning service. You’ve made a big leap toward renewable energy by utilizing one of our greatest natural resources – the sun – to provide your business or home with energy.

Solar Cleaning Hawaii specializes in the cleaning of commercial, remote-solar farms and residential photovoltaic systems.

Solar Cleaning Process:

  • Photovoltaic module inspection

(Module glass, module frame, visible roof penetrations, dangling wires)

  • Before - photos of the module array
  • Water down modules with reverse osmosis / de-ionized water
  • Panel brush down with soft bristles to agitate dust, debris, bird droppings, etc
  • Final rinse of modules
  • After - photos of the module array
  • Inspection report and photos will be given to clients within 2 days of completion of each project

All appliances, vehicles, bicycles, airplanes, homes and computers need to be maintained to ensure longevity and efficiency. Even our bodies need maintenance and upkeep!  Let Solar Cleaning Hawaii help to maintain your solar system.

Whether commercial, remote-solar farm or residential, Solar Cleaning Hawaii recommends that the average solar system undergo cleaning and maintenance on an annual basis. However both the location and slope of your system can be deciding factors in the amount of times you should have your systems cleaned.  Solar Cleaning Hawaii can help determine the optimum maintenance schedule that balances costs and efficiencies. 

It is simply the “BOTTOM LINE” that we are talking about. You made the initial investment, now keep that investment clean, efficient and producing maximum power. Rest assured that with consistent upkeep higher returns for a longer period of time will be achieved.

Please allow us, Solar Cleaning Hawaii to clean and help maintain your investment as we are Hawaii’s premiere solar cleaning service providers.

“If module surface becomes dirty, it may reduce output power” Source - Sanyo

“Modules that are mounted flat should be cleaned more often…” Source - Kyocera

“If dirt build-up becomes excessive, clean the glass surface…” Source - Sharp

“Clean glass surface of module when glass surface is dirty.” Source - Mitsubishi

“Periodically clean the module surface with water…” Source - Sunpower

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